Mr. Hamel's long awaited ride
Here's the bike, just about ready to come off the lift.

Steve has been hammering away at this project for a while now. It's quite a complete performance exercise including port development and cam studies, not to mention the huge mechanical assembly time. 











The completed bike, first time in the light of day.

Well, not quite completed. The rocker covers are left off to confirm the flow of oil before starting.













On the rollers to prime the oiling system and then to start it.
















Steve's first ride, up and down the alley.















You might call this the 'Bonneville tuck'.

We'll be tuning it shortly (I think) so there will be a performance report as soon as that is done.

Actually, that depends on how Steve feels about that.

Until then, it really looks good!

I liked the Norton International in the background. How often do those just show up?