More Tularis Testing

We've known all along that the the 39mm carbs from a stock 700 Polaris were inadequate for the pumped 780 and the 800. The easiest way to prove this was for Rob to bore a set out and test them.

Today (Jan. 12th) we did just that. The carbs are about 41mm now. That's still small but the bores are a little smoother.

We made a couple runs and liked the direction they were headed so we continued with the jet changes until we were at a point where we felt that it was stable, then we did some ignition timing changes . First retarded, didn't like that, then advanced, yeah, liked that. We went up two more jet sizes, and here we are. 150 sounds like a good number.


One interesting note, kind of a software deal. The same dyno run indicates 151.7 HP on the computer at the shop!

It has to be in the Dynojet correction stuff. The shop computer is also set up to put only Manley Cycle on the charts. If you care, that will be the way to tell if it's done from my laptop or the shop. See, I didn't think you cared! 

More tailoring of the jetting is indicated, so we're thinking about adding more circuits.

Of course, larger carbs are on the horizon. When we've done that it'll appear here.