Road Trip

Matt Smith hauled his 996SPS to Minnesota from Phoenix Arizona for fuel injection mapping. Art Ramos has been involved with the whole project and came along to absorb the process and help drive.

Matt's SPS doesn't have very radical specifications, but it appears to have a symbiosis that works.

996SPS cams; Excellent street cams. Not usually associated with Big HP.

Guy Martin big valves and porting; 37mm inlet valve and 31mm exhaust valves with Guys porting, taper-milled for more compression, and MBP collets.

BCM Pistal high compression pistons; 12.5:1 compression ratio. Cranking compression of 225 PSI.

Akropovic 45-60 system; This tapered, titanium and CF system has worked well every time I've tested one. They added another exhaust tap for the rear cylinder, to get a better map.

BCM bored stock throttle bodies; These use 54mm throttle blades from Vee Two.

EVR cf oversized air-box; Beautifully executed, as usual with oversized air-boxes, (throttle bodies inside the A/B) a pain-in-the-ass to work on.

Here's a picture of Art (on the left) and Matt in front of the shop.

The mapping process can be tedious and always takes a while, but we forged on and after some adjustments, we had a map that worked pretty well.

'Pretty well' might be an understatement. One of the final dyno charts is below.

I like to show the cursor at the torque peak. As you can see, the thing makes 135HP at 8500 RPM!

I test rode it and it's a 'holy crap!!' street bike. Normally I'd be concerned for a customer who has built a bike like this, but Matt has an R1 in the garage, so he knows how to handle the power.